What is this course?

What have others experienced?

Samantha Wau

this course was so insightful and inspiring! It helped me deal with fear on a primal level. It was very unique and full of love. I highly recommend it.


This was an empowering, transformative journey that has inspired the artist in me. I vibrated with the visualizations and the music/soundscapes – just perfection – the music really did help me visualize and dive deeper. The invitation to accompany my meditations with journaling also allowed me to set clearer intentions (there were thought-provoking prompts). I truly feel like my hardwired anxieties are beginning to melt away and I will be repeating these. Thank you 🙏💙

What does wait for you inside of this course?

Over 13 audio sessions, we will explore the roots of 8 fears and reprogram them within our experience to remove their power over us.


Fear of Loving

Fear of Shining Your Own Light

Fear of Dark

Fear of Aging

Fear of Being Judged

Fear of Not Having Enough

Fear of Death

Fear of Trusting

Stepping Into Fearlessness

In the last session, the wolf of snow-covered lands and forests invites you to


This session is one of the most powerful sessions capable of healing your soul

and any experiences that have caused you to fear – even if you are not consciously aware of it.

MANIFEST THE WORLD WITHOUT FEAR by experiencing, feeling, and visualizing this new reality with your new self. You will enlist the help of the ever-expanding universe and you will start to attract a new reality where FEAR NO LONGER RULES.

In the Love Ambassador session, you will learn how to approach with time every fear with love while maintaining your personal boundaries.

You will also learn how to transmute ANY FEAR into LOVE and invite stillness and peace into your heart. 

Dorien has composed amazing ambient music to take you deep into your consciousness, to the place I will be describing with my voice.

All of the music is tuned to 432Hz to ensure the most harmonic impact on your precious being.


    1. Welcome Beautiful Being

    2. Looking Deep Into Your Fears

    1. Becoming A Love Ambassador

    2. The Art Of Transmutation & Inner Presence

    1. Fear Of Shining Your Own Light

    2. Fear Of The Dark

    3. Fear of Aging

    4. Fear of Being Judged

    5. Fear of Not Having Enough

    6. Fear of Death

    7. Fear Of Loving

    8. Fear of Trusting

    1. Step Into Fearlessness

    2. Imagining The World Without Fear

About this course

  • $295.00
  • 14 lessons

You will also receive:

  • Life long access to the course

  • 20 days Petra's support through chat

  • Powerful mind-shifting journaling exercises after each session


  • How do I know if this course is for me?

    If you feel like your fears are robbing you of joy and heart desires because you are afraid then it is time to face them and let them go with love.
    If you feel like there is more to your life than the reality you are experiencing now and the repeating thought patterns, then this course is for you.
    If you have the courage and willingness to look into your fears and move to the other side where peace prevails, then welcome to the world without fear. I will meet you inside.

  • How can I contact Petra while enrolled in the course?

    There is a discussion bar with each session. You can type your question there. Petra support is offered for 20 days beginning with the day of your purchase.

  • How long does the course take to complete?

    The course has 13 sessions, so the minimum is 13 days. You can of course take your time and absorb each session for as long as you need. You have a life long access to the materials.

  • How long will I have the access to the course materials?

    For as long as I provide these courses, which is hopefully a very long time:)

  • What if I have any technical issues with the course?

    lease contact me at [email protected] for any technical issues question or any other questions you might have about the course.


“Thank you for helping me journey through many feelings. I am in a strong state of flow. I have sensed into awareness of places in my soma that I hadn't been listening to. Many blessings...”


“A beautiful journey filled with magical encounters. ”

Vanick V.

“Best course ever. Beautifully said new untouched territories and lovely music. I learned a lot.”

Denise R.

“Beautiful, adventurous, calming and safe course Just how I want to experience life without attachment to fear - thank you for wonderful teaching, voice and music 🥰🌞”


“Excellent. Thanks a lot for creating this course 🙏🏾 Excited to apply concepts shared in this course ☺”